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ZS Films 1998a
ZS Films 1998b
ZS FIlms 2000a
ZS Films 2000b

ZS Films started in 1998 as a film studio. In 2000, RKO Holdings purchased ZS Films.


ZS Films 2020
V β€’ T β€’ E Qube Holdings
Predecessor: Wildcat Holdings

Qube Motion Pictures Group
Wildcat Pictures | Zot Studios | Qube Studios Animation | Filmation | Lamp Post Pictures | Movie Agent | Screen Cold Pictures | ZS Films | GreenyWorld Studios | Greeny Alternative | Greeny Associates | Bounce Animation | Wildcat Independent

Qube Home Entertainment Group
Wildcat Home Entertainment | Infinifilm | Wildcat DVD | Wildcat Blu-Ray | Wildcat Digital Copy | DiscoVision | Filmation Home Entertainment | Lamp Post Home Video | Qube Studios Distribution | GreenyWorld Home Entertainment | Movie Agent Home Media Distribution

Qube Theatres Group
Cinema Agent | Qube Theatres

Infinit Laboratories
GSF | IDS | Infinit Optimizer

Qube Television Group
Wildcat Television | Radio Silence Productions | Four Star Productions | Zot Studios | Abhau Street | Abhau Street West | Cartoon Express Productions | Cartoon Express Alternative | Wildcat Worldwide | Stonecutter Media Studios | Filmation Television | HOT Animation | Lamp Post Television | Movie Agent | Screen Cold Television | Magic-Mario Limited | DNA Productions | GreenyWorld Television | Greeny Alternative | Greeny Associates | Bounce Animation | Braniff Productions

Qube Networks
Cube Television Network | Cartoon Express | Detour Network | Cronos | Jukebox Network | Trouble | TCC (Piramca | USA | Foopiia 1 | El Kadsre1 | Philippines | Tyono) | Mondo Network2

Qube Music Entertainment
Qube Music | Retrofire Records | Mathematic Records | Battery Music | Cube Records | Wildcat Audio Recordings | Audio Agent | GreenyWorld Records

V β€’ T β€’ E Zoop Interactive Entertainment


Zoop Interactive Entertainment

Game consoles division (pending sale):

Manufacturer: NEK Holdings LLC (Nitrome)
ZIE consoles: Nitrome Unity

Zoop Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios:
435 Studios β€’ Game Agent β€’ Greenyworld Interactive β€’ Kaoru β€’ Luxoflux β€’ Moneydollar Studios β€’ Planet Ghost Corp. β€’ Superline Studios β€’ Wildcat Interactive β€’ Zoop West

Past consoles and computers:
Nitrome Pong Console β€’ Nitrome II β€’ Nitrome Text to Speech TV Fun β€’ Nitrome Enjoyment System β€’ Nitrome 32 (Nitrome 32 CD β€’ Nitrome 64-i) β€’ Nitrome Unity (1995) β€’ Nitrome Unity 128 β€’ Nitrome Unity 256 β€’ Nitrome Unity 512 β€’ Nitrome Unity 1024 β€’ New Playing Engine β€’ CCG Engine 2 β€’ CCG Engine 3 β€’ CCG Engine 4 β€’ CDX β€’ CCG Core β€’ CCG PC One β€’ Eagle Hybird Entertainment System β€’ Eagle Visual Computer β€’ Eagle PCDVD β€’ Z2000 β€’ DBC 3D World β€’ DBC Adventure β€’ DBC Super β€’ DBC TeleGame β€’ DBC Toy TV β€’ DBC Vision β€’ Nitrome Handtrome β€’ Nitrome 32 Portible β€’ Nitrome Handtrome Unity β€’ Nitrome Handtrome Unity 2 β€’ Nitrome Handtrome Unity 3 β€’ CCG Nano β€’ CCG Nano Colors β€’ Stereo Pocket β€’ CCG Alpha β€’ CCG Spire β€’ Nitrome Handtrome Unity 4 β€’ Nitrome Unity 2048 β€’ Laserium Durango β€’ CCG Nano Silm β€’ Ben's Period (brand and group of consoles) β€’ Eagle 4 β€’ Mars

V β€’ T β€’ E FBN Corporation

Broadcast television networks:
FBN | Sorbet TV | Bata | Asianmatic TV 1 | FBN Arena

TaugTV | TaugTV Extra

Cable television networks:
The Studios | Pivot | Stars | Neon | Prime TV | Dix | CafΓ©

Television stations:
DZJP-TV and DWQO-TV Manila

Radio stations:
FBN Radyo Ito 682 Manila

Pay TV operators:
Astral Satellite TV | FBN Digizer | StreamV

International channel:


FBN Gau ltd.

Channel 36: 36Two | 36Kids | 36News | 36Sports | 36lounge | 36 Philippines | 36Tarabiscoville | 36World | 36Nordic | 36Dub

AMC Networks International 2021

AMC Networks International Stevia (5%)

ETS | Arte | ABC Spark Stevia | YTV Stevia | Teletoon Stevia | Treehouse | Panda Stevia | Disney Channel Stevia | tvN Stevia | Teletoon Max | CBS Reality Stevia | Horror Channel Stevia | ETS News: FY 1 | Comedy Central Stevia | MTV Stevia | MTV2 (Stevia) | Nickelodeon Stevia | Nick Jr. Stevia | Nicktoons Stevia | Cartoon Network Stevia | Boomerang Stevia

America Direct (10%) | FBN Games | FBN Indies | Cartoon Network Zami+ (USA)

FBN Life | Toon Disney (Philippines)2 | The Zwei | Glitch Channel3 | Club MTV4

1Co-owned with Fujisenkai, GBC Gau, Netflix and Media Prima.
2Co-owned with Disney Networks Philippines.
3Co-owned with Glitch Productions.
4Co-owned with ViacomCBS Networks Philippines.

TMK Corporation, PWER Holdings and Sega Sammy Holdings (through Sega Holdings) owns each 35% stake, Aberic Holdings owns 5% stake and Qube Communications owns 10% stake of FBN Corporation

V β€’ T β€’ E Piramcan Media Network

8A9A93B9-D051-4695-BD8A-77B8C412F91C The Children's Channel (TCC) AMC logo 2013 VH1 Family logo 2021

Pay TV:

EXPO Taugaran 2021JimJam 2018Channel4 Alexonia 2015OdisseiaCanal Panda 2015
owned by Qube Communications, Channel Four Television Corporation, AMC Networks, ViacomCBS and EXPO

Qube Worldwide | Greeny Go | Qplay | Greeny Recording Studios | The Greeny Soundstage

Wildcat VCD | YTP Entertainment | YTP Television | YTP Television Distribution | HTN | HTN 2 | HTN Comedy | HTN Docu Films | HTN Enterprises | HTN Family | HTN Films | HTN Latino | HTN Signature | HTN Sports | HTN Video | HTN W | HTN Networks | Amalgam Comics | Amalgam Enterprises | Amalgam Games | Amalgam Studios | Amalgam Television | Impact Comics | Razorline | Tyco Toys | Carolco Pictures | Rockstar San Antonio | Rockstar Yorkshire | RKO Games Los Angeles | Frog Studios | RKO Games Mexico | Hyper Interactive | Kingdusk | Greeny World Productions | AOA3

1Joint venture with TPEN-FTN Television Group.
2Joint venture with Mondo Media
3Originally a joint venture with Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney, and Paramount Global. It's share was sold to CPN.

Qube Holdings

Owned by NotWildcat