NKTN Logo 1930-2017

1999-2017 (Secondary) (Dark Age)

NKTN Number One Verison

This logo was based on ABC Bumper from 1999-2002. It got replaced by next Logo. This logo made surprise appearence at June 2017 El Kadsre import of Drake and Josh Season 1 set. it also appear as a Hidden Logo on USA Port of Game shaker blu ray set.

2017-present (Darker age)

NKTN Night of Favorites & farewell

This logo was used. it based on WB Night of Favorites & Farewells. it can be also used dues NKTN Being purchased by NAN, Or Money budget issue. Scine being Purchased by NAN in 2015. It marked first time They at El Kadsre Instrudy.

Their last Show airing is Game Shakers's "Clam shakers part 1"

2017-2019 (North America Network 1 era) ("Think about it" age)

North America Network 1 logo

It Launched with Globe (based on BBC 1 1991-1997) Ident (Later following usage for other verisons later.). then episode of WWE Monday night raw from 5/29/17 played. Some NKTN! Shows will contiunted to played. Globe later to be scrapped in favor of USA NAN 1 Design.

2019 (Darkest age)

it based on ABC5 Philippines Final Sign-off photo

2019-present (ZEBC era)

after NAN 1 EK being aquired by Zoop, they dicided to rename NAN 1 EK to ZEBC El Kadsre.

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