Bluey's Adventure (2016) and Andy Pandy kaleidoscope (1996): like Rio, originally was made by Microsoft Paint.

20th Century fox structure


Go Fish (2002): Originally, a Red Bird destroys the logo and the Fanfare.


Greeny Phatom: The Movie [Remastered] (2018): The 1994 logo is used, and the logo is color-adjusted to Greeny Phatom-related colors. The evening sky is changed to a bright sky with a couple of clouds. The cityscape is also changed to where "HOLLYWOOD" is replaced with "GREENYWORLD", the hills and the ground are green (with the exception of roads on the ground), and there are only 6 buildings that we can see (Mega Market and 5 houses; there's also a Sony Wonder sign near the "GREENYWORLD" text). The original 1994 music is mashed up with a Mario Paint cover of the theme, and the News Corp. byline is still intact.

20th Century Fox Logo 1994 (Greeny Phatom Version)