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TBC Logo 1944 TBC Color Logo 1947-1950 TBC Logo 1950-1978 TBC Logo 1978-1986
1943-1947 1947-1950 1950-1978 1978-1986
TBC Logo 1986-1999 NTVC Logo 1999-2006 YYInc Logo 2006 YYInc Logo 2018
1986-1999 1999-2006 2006-2018 2018-present
Even though YinYang Incorporated was founded in August 24, 1941. But It didn't start using a logo until 1943.



TBC Logo 1944
YinYang Incorporated founded in 1941 and started using a logo in 1943 as Toralaq Broadcasting Corporation, when Toralaq Republic existed.


TBC Color Logo 1947-1950
In 1947, TBC started to broadcast in color using this logo until 1950, the year TBC started full color broadcasts.


TBC Logo 1950-1978
This was the most popular TBC logo while it was used for 28 years!

While in 1961, TBC and TBC2 shut down for a while in case of TV Tower problem in Malodin City, the announcer said "We interrupted this program due to the TV Tower problem, sorry for the inconvenience but we are shutting down TBC and TBC2 for a while until the TV Tower is fixed, but if it's not fixed, then we may have to shut down TBC and TBC2 forever. But kids, if you feel boring, then read a comic or a book. We will be back soon as soon as possible!"


TBC Logo 1978-1986
This logo inspires the CTV Logo.


TBC Logo 1986-1999
This was TBC's final logo before it gets renamed to National Television Corporation, YinYangia getting formed and Toralaq Republic getting dissolved.



NTVC Logo 1999-2006
After Toralaq Republic was dissolved in October 23, 1999, YinYangia became independent and TBC renamed National Television Corporation (NTVC).

YinYang Incorporated


YYInc Logo 2006
NTVC renamed YinYang Incorporated in 2006, as Yin Yang is a part of the country's name, YinYangia.


YYInc Logo 2018
On June 1, 2018, YYInc changed their logo because of their issue with the old logo having the YinYangYo! logo, without the Yo! as they might get sued by Disney. This logo even affected all other YYInc Channels.
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