The first movie from the World of Comedies and Dramas project broadcast in its entirety was Nick Fresno in the World of Teachers, which made its world premiere on Monday, February 20, 1995, during a television special called the World Premiere Drama and Comedy Awards (termed "President's Day Instinct" by its producers). The special was hosted by the cast of Family Matters, and featured comic interviews and a mock contest with the creators of the various TV movies. The Awards was simulcast on RKO Network, RKO Comedy and RKO Two.

Beginning February 26, 1995, each World of Comedies and Dramas TV movie began to premiere on Sunday nights, promoted as a World Premiere Dramas and Comedies. Every week after the premiere, RKO Network showcased a different World Premiere Dramas and Comedies made by a different artist. After an acclimation of movies, the network packaged the movies as a 6-hour show titled World Premiere Dramas and Comedies: The Next Generation, featuring reruns of the original movies but also new premieres. Eventually, all of the TV movies were compiled into one program bearing the name of the original project: The World of Comedies and Dramas Show. The show's initial premieres for each short preceded RKO Network's Sunday night half-hour cartoon block, Light-Up Toons. The shorts continued to air on Sundays until 1997, when the network moved the shorts to Wednesdays at 8pm.


The creator of World of Comedies and Dramas, Warner Bros. Television, left RKO Television Entertainment in late 1996 to produce final episodes of NBC's version of World of Comedies and Dramas, titled NBC Monday Night Movie.