Bristol Bay Productions


Bristol Bay Productions was the sister company of Walden Media, which produced films based on the books and lives of famous and influential people. It was established in 1995 as Crusader Entertainment, and was renamed as Bristol Bay Productions in 2003. It was acquired by Laserium Holdings, when Bristol Bay was part of Walden Media Group, in 2016. Soon, Bristol Bay, the Walden Media Group parent compant and Chasing Time Pictures became the drama and features department of Wink Media USA, since Walden Media was spun off.

Walden Media Group


Chasing Time Pictures


MDP Worldwide


Media 8 Entertainment


Media 8 Entertainment was an independent film entertainment company engaged in financing, development, production and worldwide distribution of theatrical feature films in various forms of broadcast media. The Company has offices in Los Angeles and Montreal.

In April 2012, Media 8 filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. However, Laserium Entertainment soon acquired Media 8 Entertainment and split the company into Wink Media USA and Wink Media Canada.

Three Inside Productions


Thre Inside Productions was founded in 1994 by Pat Sajak, Chuck Woolery and Alex Trebek. Their first productions was So Sucks and Boys for the Game Show Network Two in 1996 until cancelled in 2000 and Celebrity Mash for Game Show Network Three (later Game Show Network³) in 1999 until it cancelled in 2001. Their next production was Road Street Boys for Game Show Network³ in 2000 until it ended in 2011 and the last production was Teen Inside for the Game Show Network Six in 2001.


Their first production to use the 2002 logo was Mash Make-Ups in 2002 for Game Show Network Two, the next production was Sailors for the Game Show Network³ in 2004 and the last production was American Boys for the Game Show Network Four in 2005.


Their first production was Mighty Rod for the Game Show Network Five in 2006, the second production was TriBio with Vanna White for the Game Show Network³ in 2008, and the third production was Sleepy Boys with Chuck Woolery for the Game Show Network Seven in 2009 and the current productions was Sale Buddies in association with FremantleMedia for the Game Show Network Five and Million Boys in association with Embassy Row for the Game Show Network Six.

Wink Media USA


On January 30, 2019, Wink Media USA closed down with its parent Wink Media, and their assets were transferred to Qualis Entertainment.

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