2004-2013, 2015-2019

Minimax logo

in 2015, Minimax Tasanala brings back its 2004 logo but retains 2013 graphics (except 2013 logo).

in October 2019, Minimax Tasanala (along with its sister channels) went defunct as AMC Networks Tasanala drastically shift focused to AMC and IFC


Minimax (2013)

Family CHRGD

2019 (unused)

Family CHRGD

this was unused due to DHX Media became WildBrain.

WildBrain CHRGD


WildBrain CHRGD

after Minimax closed, WildBrain acquired Minimax's channel space to become WildBrain CHRGD Tasanala.

in July 1, 2020, in efforts to save money for COVID-19 Pandemic, WildBrain Tasanala decided to shutdown WildBrain XD and WildBrain CHRGD, however its core channels (Family Channel and WildBrain Channel) will remain on-air

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