What if Canada's YTV and Treehouse TV used the NAPLPS/WeatherSTAR-styled hardware???

The YTVWire software offers local news, weather, traffic, sports, and business data along with contests, fresh trivia, and telling you what's on both YTV and Treehouse TV including YTV's Lower Display Line ticker of weather and trafffic information on the top bar and either stock prices or sports scores on the bottom bar, while Treehouse TV's LDL ticker shows stock market numbers, weather forecasts, and sports scores 24 hours a day.

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Treehouse TV

Audio feed

Participating cable systems across Canada would receive new audio files similar to the IntelliStar practice from before. Each month, new audio tracks to are sent via flash drive then loaded on the YTVWire hardware to be uploaded to the YTV and Treehouse TV servers. These are some example scripts from the audio feeds (mainly from Treehouse TV):

  • The hottest shows and the brightest stars are within your fingertips. Tune in to see a stunning show or Treehouse specials today, right here on (cable system)!
  • Check out what's coming up tonight on Treehouse!
  • Chat about it with Treetown Chat!
  • Get a sneak peak at what's coming to Treehouse this month!
  • Come get a glimpse at some of the most high-quality Treehouse programs right here on this cable system, tune in tonight and see for yourself!
  • This is the one show you do not want to miss! Watch this program today!
  • See it exclusively on Treehouse! Watch this exciting program today!
  • Get a head start on your favorite shows today on Treehouse!
  • Check out today's Treehouse lineup!
  • From across the nation and around the world, keeping you up-to-date, this is Treehouse News Brief!
  • Direct from TSN, here's the latest sports scores on Treehouse!
  • This is Treehouse Weather!
  • Environment Canada has issued a weather alert for your local Treehouse viewing area!
  • Here's the latest Treehouse Traffic!
  • You're watching Treehouse on (cable system)!
  • From (cable system), you're watching Treehouse, serving the (city) viewing area!
  • This is (cable system), channel (channel number), your address for the best shows for pre-schoolers and the home of Treetown, you're watching Treehouse!