What if CER Two (formerly CER2 HD until 2015) used Prevue/TV Guide Channel software using the Amiga platform???

CER Two is formatted simliarly to the Prevue Channel (which becomes TV Guide Channel in 1999; now known as Pop) and offered programming (entertainment and classic/current TV previews) at the top and its TV listings grid at the bottom all coming from both the Amiga platform and the satellite feed.

Hour wheel

CER Two (known on-air as CER2) offers short-form features on a hourly wheel alongside its long-form programs (but all long-form shows runs without interruption; some short-form features like 90-Second Life Story and CER2 SportsVue may air during programs) as follows:

:00 CER2 Insider
:07 CER2's ShowVue
:08 CER2 Entertainment News
:14 90-Second Life Story
:19 CER2 FamilyVue
:25 CER2 SportsVue
:28 Quick Flicks
:30 CER2 MovieVue
:35 CER2 Prevue Tonight
:39 CER2 News and Weather
:40 CER2's The Moves
:45 CER2 Big Events
:50 CER2's Ask The Stars
:55 CER2 Zapping
:58 Quick Flicks