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Background: Wentri Entertainment is an American television production company founded in 1958 by Raphael Samuels and Alice Katsumata .In 1970 Warner Bros bought 30% of the company, In 1972 PBS bought 10% of the company, and in 1983 Turner Broadcasting bought 5% of the company. Latter in 1986 the company established 10 affiliates one in San Diego, one in Walla Walla, one in Fargo, one Washington D.C., one in Cleavland , one Honolulu, one in NYC, one in LA, one in Fairbanks, and one in Salem. In 1988 PBS sold its share in Wentri to Alice Katsumata, and in 1978 Raphael Samuels let Alice Katsumata become CEO.In 1988 PBS sold its share In Wentri to to The company still exists to this day but now with Warner Bros. controlling 35% of the company and Toei owning 10%.

1st logo (1958–1974)


Logo: on a white background we see a gold star with the words Wentri Entertainment in the center.

FX/SFX: the words appearing.

Music and Sounds: a 5 note electric guitar song.

Availability: Rare, as the 1973 logo replaces this logo on 80s and 90s prints of the company's shows, but some newer TV and home media prints of the company's shows have this logo. Such as This Is What Happened in Washington This Week (Which was a syndicated version of Washington Week in Review)

Scare Factor: None.

2nd logo (1973–1985)

Logo: on a green background we see the words Wentri Entertainment appear then 2 stars appear above the words.

FX/SFX: the words appearing and the stars appearing.

Music and Sounds: same as the last logo.

Music and Sound Variant: on some shows Wentri made for WNET the logo uses music from the 1972 WNET logo, also on some films Wentri made with Disney and MGM a organ theme was used.

Availability: It seen on every TV show and film Wentri made, except the shows they made for PBS, which has the Wentri logo replaced with ether a WBTV logo or a PBS logo, one one exception are the Blu-ray and VHS releases New tech: CES 1984 .

Scare Factor: none.

Third logo: (1985–Present)

Logo: 2 stars appear then the word Wentri appears

Music and sounds: a piano tune

SFX/FX: The stars appearing and the words appearing

Availability: common.

Scare Factor: None