WTHQ-TV is a commercial-free television station located in Buffalo, New York, and it is affiliated with Canadian cable channel Treehouse TV. It operates on channel 11 and is owned by THQ Nordic, which is the first television station to be owned by a video game publisher, the others being KTHQ-TV in Fresno, WACI-TV in Atlanta, KACM-TV in San Francisco, KKEA-TV in Little Rock, KCAP-TV in Tulsa, WCAP-TV in Nashville, WWEA-TV in Boston, KBNG-TV in Houston, WBAN-TV in Orlando, KSGA-TV in Dallas, WEAX-TV in Chicago, WKNY-TV and WTVL-TV in New York, KNAM-TV in St. Louis, KLZ-TV in Denver, KLAK-TV in Los Angeles, KMMI-TV in San Diego, KACC-TV in Salt Lake City, WHOY-TV in Talpa, WEAT-TV in Bellingham, WGUN-TV in Lynchburg, KCDR-TV in Kekaha, WSGA-TV in Niagara, WVEW-TV in Brattleboro, WINN-TV in Burlington, and several other stations across the US, which is also owned by other video game-oriented publishers. It began broadcasting in late-1979 as a independent station under the call letters of WLJN-TV, and it was owned by LJN until 1990, Acclaim Entertainment until 1994, THQ until 2013, and Sega until October 31st, 2016.

WTHQ-TV is also seen in Rochester on WROC-DT 8.3, in Syracuse on WNYS-DT 43.2, in Toronto on CFMT-DT 47.2, streaming online at, and nationwide on cable and satellite via the national premium superstation feed branded as WTHQ Sat.

WTHQ-TV offers daypart portions of the Treehouse programming schedule, plus classic Treehouse shows like Treetown, Wee 3, Crazy Quilt, and Barney and Friends, complete uninterrupted playthroughs of THQ, Acclaim, Midway, and Sega games, and original preschool and video game programming produced exclusively for WTHQ-TV viewers.



WLJN-TV logo 1979

On October 1979, WTHQ-TV begins broadcasting as WLJN-TV along with the launch slogan "Buffalo's Very Own".


WLJN-TV logo 1988

In 1990, Acclaim Entertainment buys LJN, Ltd., making WLJN-TV owned and operated by Acclaim.




Acclaim sold WLJN-TV to THQ, Inc. in 1994, changing its calls to the current WTHQ-TV, which is the first television station in Buffalo to have a new digital signal signed-on in mid-1995.



The new logo is launched as WTHQ-TV becomes a Treehouse TV affiliate in November 1997, and rebranded as "Treehouse 11" or "WTHQ 11".



WTHQ-TV receives a on-air makeover in 2005, it rebranded as "THQ11, Treehouse for Buffalo" or "Buffalo's Very Own THQ11"


Treehouse11 new

This was the last logo for WTHQ-TV under THQ ownership, it rebranded back to "Treehouse 11".


WTHQ 2013

As Sega becomes the new owner of channel 11, WTHQ-TV offers the cable channel's logo with the secondary branding "WTHQ Channel 11".

January-August 2014


As of January 1st, 2014, WTHQ-TV relaunched and revamped as "Sega 11, The Treehouse station for Buffalo", and offered a revamped schedule of original and Treehouse network programming, along with complete un-cut and un-interrupted playthroughs of Sega, THQ, Midway, and Acclaim games which will continue to broadcast on WTHQ-TV, the classic preschool shows from the Treehouse TV archives, and a new larger always-on LDL (created as WTHQ-TV is devoid of news and sports programming) offering a hybird mix of local news, business and stock reports, traffic information, weather forecasts, sports news and scores, entertainment news headlines, its high score list for the video games telecast by channel 11, telling you what's on the station, and LiveView cams of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Toronto.

August 1st, 2014-October 31st, 2016

SEGA11 2014

As of August 1st, 2014, WTHQ-TV now has a brand new on-air look along with a new logo that is based on both the 2014 logo and the current WHP-TV logo of which offers the Sega logo, the channel number which is better than the 2014 logo, and the slogan is replaced with the call sign "WTHQ" at the bottom, also the always-on LDL was changed to that similar to CNN Headline News in 2003 and the TV Guide Channel in 2004, and live video previews of the Buffalo TV stations in small PiP was added to the LDL alongside the Now & Next lineup for each station, along with new original programming produced for Sega11 WTHQ, and a new station announcer which is Beau Weaver.

October 31st, 2016-present

On October 31st, 2016, Sega would sell WTHQ-TV to THQ Nordic for $190 million dollars, bringing the station back into THQ ownership for the first time since 2013, and it would revert back to the station's former name "Treehouse11" despite the station will continue to broadcast Sega's video games along with the classic Treehouse TV shows like Treetown, while the station will offer more original programming including the locally-produced version of the CBeebies show Same Smile and Inside Buffalo Extra which is the weekend edition of WTHQ-TV's weeknight news magazine program for adults and it is the only program remaining from the old WLJN-TV.

Also with the ownership change from Sega to THQ Nordic, WTHQ-TV also introduces a new bold on-air look and a new logo featuring the 2013 Treehouse TV logo and the channel number from the early-2014 Sega11 logo, along with the major bold update to the always-on LDL which will offer more enhanced weather and traffic information and will also give you more sports scores and telling you what's on channel 11 tonight or tomorrow.

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