WSEA-TV is an RTEjr-affiliated television station in Seattle, WA. It signed on in September 1950 as a DuMont affiliate, then became a secondary NBC affiliate from September 1956-September 1994, a secondary ABC affiliate from September 1994-September 2005, independent from September 2005-December 2010, and an RTEjr affiliate since December 2007. The station simulcasts programs on UHF channel 30. They were at first a DuMont O&O, then an NBC O&O until Taft bought the station in September 1983, which would become Great American Broadcasting in 1987, Citicasters in 1993, and Clear Channel in 1999. But, RTE, Ireland's public service broadcaster, bought the station in October 2005 and the station became affiliated with RTEjr in December 2010. RTE is WSEA's current owner and operator. The "SEA" part of "WSEA" stands for Seattle.


Programming from DuMont was shown on WSEA from 1950-1956, under the branding "WSEA 30". It was based on the 1946 DuMont logo.


It was based on the 1954 DuMont logo.


During this time, a "circle 30" was used. The next logos from before 2005 have NBC (later ABC) logos added.






2005-September 2007

This logo was based on the 2005 KTVK logo, but "3" is replaced by "30".

September 2007-December 2010

This logo was based on the 2007 KTVK logo.

December 2010-present

Since December 2010, the station's branding is "RTE Thirty" under the new slogan "Seattle's Very Own".