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WSDE Televison network Boradcast in wheaton/Chicago area
[[Category:Candidates for deletion]]
[[File:WCKL.png|center|147px]]   Intil 1995 WSDE was cbs network
Wsde new logo 95.png|WSDE News intro 1995-1998
Untitledg.png|News logo form 1998-2005
g.png|News logo Form 2005-2013
download2.jpg|News intro 2013-
===2013- 4 months only ===
[[File:5621_177121359102495_1552683299_n.jpg|thumb|147px|On 9/10/95 Wcvf Change To An ITV network
The new look was carted by roblox desings]]
June 2013-Augest 2013
August 2013
octover 2013
[[Category:Fictional Television stations]]

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