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KSL-TV logo 1981

By late 1985, CBS was in rough financial straits, an after-effect of successfully fending off a hostile takeover attempt by Ted Turner the year before. CBS spent the latter portion of 1985 repurchasing a large portion of its stock to help block the Turner takeover. Once Turner sold his stock, CBS was saddled with significant debt and needed to raise money.[12] Not long after Laurence Tisch became the company's chairman, CBS decided to sell WCKL-TV, at the time its Biggest owned-and-operated television station by market size.[13] On May 16, 1985, CBS subsidiary Gannett completed its $122.5 million purchase of the station and modified its callsign to WCVF almost a month later on June 18.[14][15] Despite the sale, channel 5's operations continued to be based alongside WCKL radio at their downtown studios on Route 171 studos in chicago. WCVF would relocate from that building in 1998 As a CBS-owned station, channel 5 cleared the entire network schedule. When Gannett took over in 1985, this changed rather drastically. WCVF began signing off the air at night, thus preempting the overnight news program CBS News Nightwatch.



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On September 10 , 1995, WCVF-TV re-branded itself as Eyewitness News 5 Chicago and became WSDE-TV (both as the title of its newscasts and for general station promotion). The slogan was "Chicago's 24-Hour News Channel" during a period when WSDE and other television stations around the country ran news updates each hour. Then-owners Gannett Company sold it to Roblox Corporation in 1996, which in turn sold WSDE to a Roblox O&O network in 1994. Once the Roblox network won the broadcast rights to the National Football Conference of the NFL, Roblox signed a long-term deal to convert most of its stations to Roblox . So on September 10, 1995, WSDE switched its network affiliation from CBS to Independant, swapping affiliations with WKL-TV. The Roblox Network's branding was not incorporated into the station's logo, due to WSDE's contractual obligations with Gannett Company to keep the Eyewitness News name.


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A new logo was designed by Roblox Networks in November 2013. With the new affriation/franchise of 2011.


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The former co-owner Roblox Crop sold WSDE (10%) to KIVO Televison Group in January 2015.

On May 15th 2015, KIVO sold 10% of it's stakes to Roblox Crop, maining WSDE as a Roblox O&O temporarily until further notice. On October 30, Roblox Crop announced to sell all of its inderpendnt stations to other owners.

The last Roblox-owned O&O, WSDE, was bought by Laserium Television Stations in June 2016.

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