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WROB-TV was formed as a independent station launched on January 28, 1985. Ground Communications was purchased by RKO Holdings for $300 million on January 30, 1992 and WROB-TV, WDIA-TV, WJSZ-TV, WZAS-TV, WCRO-TV, WHAT-TV, WSWI-TV, WPUB-TV and KBUB-TV become part of the RKO Television Stations family.





WROB-TV become a charter affiliate of the WB Television Network in 1995. WROB-TV changed from TV46 to the WB46.


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WROB-TV become a charter affiliate of the CW Television Network in 2006 and changed its branding from WB46 to CW46. In November 2016, it became co-affiliated with Hyper Network, CW and CBS with WROB-TV and WTUNG-TV. 

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