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WNYH-TV is an NTC-owned and operated station serving New York City that is licensed to Poughkeepsie, New York (which serves both the New York and Albany metropolitan markets). The station is owned by CPN Holdings under UWN Television Stations and serves as a sister station to New York licensed UWN flagship, WUWN-TV.

Although identifying as a separate station in its own right, WNYH-TV is considered a semi-satellite of Secaucus, New Jersey licensed WBNY (channel 16, which also serves as the NTC O&O affiliate of New York City). As a result, NTC programs are simulcast from WBNY. However, WNYH-TV has its own syndicated programming, commercial inserts, and legal identifications.



W03AB 1968

WNYH-TV first started as a repeater affiliate of TheCuben2006 Channel flagship O&O affiliate, WCBR-TV.


W03AB WNGY symbol



W03AB WNGY symbol

In 1984, W03AB would upgrade its status from a repeater to semi-satellite of WCBR-TV. The station would also change its call-letters to WNGY-TV.


WNGY-TV 1993



On August 21, 1995, Cuben Corp (which owned UWN) sold WNGY-TV to Bachmann Holdings who owned Bachmann Network O&O affiliate WBNY (channel 16), and WNGY-TV was converted into a semi-satellite of WBNY.










In 2016, Bachmann Network would split into two new networks, a new cable channel would take over the Bachmann Network name while the original Bachmann Network would become NTC. On December 10, 2019, CPN Holdings (who owned NTC) would acquire UWM (the former Cuben Group) from Premiere Holdings, this effectively reunited WNYH with WCBR-TV (now WUWN-TV).

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