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WNIK is the Nicktoons affiliate serving Tuscaloosa, Anniston and its city of license Birmingham, Alabama, United States. It airs Nicktoons Programing, Such as Spongebob, Ren and Stimpy, etc. It broadcasts on channel 5

May 13, 2002- July 22, 2002[]

200px-NickToons TV Alabama

WNIK launched on May 2002


640px-Nicktoons TV ALabama

A New Look Was Adopted in July 2002, Following The Launch of Nicktoons UK


211px-Nicktoons5 2004

On June 16, 2003, the channel was renamed Nicktoons Alabama. This change was believed to be the golden years of Nicktoons by fans due to the channel featuring many classic Nickelodeon programming on it during its time and the logo being a homage on the original Nickelodeon logo.


165px-Nicktoons Network5

On September 23, 2005, Nicktoons introduced a new look and became Nicktoons Network 5. The logo was designed in house.[1Exopolis created the new on-air package.[2] This logo has a globe shown with orange slime and the number 5 on it. Beginning with this era, Nicktoons would begin to feature both classic and original programming.


Alabama Nicktoons

As part of Nickelodeon's rebranding effort, all of its channels were rebranded on September 28, 2009. Along with the rebrand, Nicktoons Network 5 reverted back to its old name used from 2003 to 2005. The "TOONS" part is show in red, blue, silver/grey, yellow and green in bumpers and promotional advertisements and even on on-screen bugs.

On July of 2016, Viacom wanted refoucus their efforts on their 3 flagship stations (TOON-DT and KCON-DT in the west US and WNTN in NYC) even if that ment losing their former east flagship Nicktoons station, the sale idea was scrapped though. It wasn't until August 10, 2016, that Next64 Studios stepped in and purchased the station for a merely $10,000 dollars, that move made WNIK, the first Nicktoons station to be owned by a company other than Viacom.

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