WMWY-TV is a commercial-free television station located in Dearborn, Michigan and serves the Detroit area. It operates on channel 12 and is owned by Fortner Digital Media Properties. It began broadcasting in 1961 as a semi-satellite of WTVS with locally-produced programming under the call letters WTXS-TV, Midway purchased the station in 1990 and changed its calls to WMWY-TV, this resulted being switched from WTVS to a hybird video game/family entertainment station, it was affiliated with 7 networks: BabyFirst TV, Treehouse TV, HBO Family (original programs and specials only), Nick Jr (formerly Noggin), Sprout, ABC4Kids, and CBeebies until 2016.


It was based on the WTVS logo.


It was based on the 1979 KPNX-TV logo.


It was based on the 1990 KPNX-TV logo.


It was based on the WKRC-TV logo.