WKDA-TV, channel 10, is a television station in Chicago, Illinois serving as the area's affiliate of the RKO Network, and is one of the flagship television stations of Qualis

The station is known nationally as a superstation, broadcasting a separate feed called WKDA America, which features different programming than is seen in the Chicago market, but includes most of the sports programming produced by WKDA-TV (Major League Baseball games from the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, and select NBA basketball games from the Chicago Bulls), as well as some of the station's newscasts and other local programming.


WKDA-TV 1948


WKDA 1950s


WKDA 1964


WKDA 1977


WKDA-TV 1981


WKDA-TV 1983


WKDA 1993

The "10" in the 1993-2002 logo is also reversed into a "D" in the black bar with the "WKDA" callsign; this logo was used by the national superstation feed of WKDA-TV in promos and IDs until 1998, when only the "WKDA" portion of the logo began to be used on the superstation feed.


WKDA 2002
When this logo was introduced in November 2002, the 1997-2009 version of the RKO Network logo was originally placed next to the boxed "10" in the logo; when RKO Network got a new look in May 2009, the logo was updated to include the 2009 version of the RKO Network logo. A variant without the box "10" and network logo was used on the national superstation feed until 2008, when Superstation WKDA rebranded as WKDA America; since then, WKDA-TV and WKDA America do not use similar branding schemes.

2013 (unused)

WKDA 2013

The unused logo was originally slated for Summer 2013, but plans for the rebrand were cancelled and it wasn't used on air.


WKDA 2018

An entirely new logo design for the station was introduced in 2018.

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