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WINN-TV is a commercial-free television station located in Burlington, Vermont operating on channel 7; and it is affiliated with STN, It is owned and operated by Sinclair and serves the Champlain Valley area, and southern Quebec. It began broadcasting in 1980 as a independent station, and it became a YTV affiliate in 1988, and adding Treehouse TV and CBeebies as secondary affiliations in 1997 and in 2002, respectively. Although this station is a dual YTV/Treehouse TV/CBeebies affiliate, the standard Circle 7 is the longest-running logo for WINN-TV and later became an STN affiliate.


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It was used the ABC's circle 7 logo.


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It was based on the ABC Circle Films logo until late-January 1988.


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The next four logos are based on the 1990 Family Channel logo, but instead of "Family", it read "Seven" in the scripty font, instead of "The", it read "WINN-TV", and instead of "Channel", it read "BURLINGTON".


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With the launch of Treehouse TV in November 1997, WINN-TV launches a new on-air look and begin branding as "The New Channel 7" or "Vermont's Channel 7" under the 1996 Family Channel or NBC 1982 slogan "Just Watch Us Now!".


WINN-TV Logo 1997.png

WINN-TV launched a new logo along with another brand new on-air look in late-November 1998, it only used during late-night viewing hours (from 11:00pm to 1:30am; branded as "7 Late Night") in tadem with the 1997 logo until late-December 2002 when it became the main logo for WINN-TV until October 2003.


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The enhanced version of the 1994 and 1997 logos for WINN-TV is based on the 1988 Family Channel logo.


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It was based on the 2002, 2009 YTV and the 1999 Family Channel logos, but instead of "YTV", it read "7".


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The standardized Circle 7 returned to WINN-TV along with a new on-air look in March 2009.


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