WHLK-TV is a TV station located in Ashville, AL. It is affiliated with the Kimbril Channel. It operates on channel 13 by Kimbril Inc. The others are KHLK-TV in fresno, WBJM-TV in Atlanta, KDFN-TV in San Francisco, KXDD-TV IN Little Rock, KJHU-TV in Tulsa, WLOM-TV in Nashville, WJHI-TV in Boston, KKOK-TV in Houston, WIJH-TV in Orlando, KUYT-TV in Dallas, WGFR-TV in Chicago, WESD-TV & WWAQ-TV in New York, KXED-TV in St. Louis, KRT-TV in St. Louis, KIK-TV in Denver, KLKJ-TV in Los Angelos, KUHY-TV in San Diego, KTGF-TV in Salt Lake City, & several other Stations acroos the US, which is also owned by giant corporations. It began broadcasting in May 1st, 1977 as an independent station under the call letters WSHB-TV, and owned by Kimbril Inc. ever since.

WHLK-TV offers the regular schedule of The Kimbril Channel Schedule. plus, classic Kimbril Channel shows like, Matilda and Hal, Tiny Toons, Heathcliff, and Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?, complete uninterrupted PlayThroughs of Video games by Kimbril Games, and original all aged and video game programming produced exclusively for WHLK-TV viewers.


Wshb-tv 13 logo 1977

On May 1st 1977, WHLK-TV begins broadcasting as WSHB-TV.


Wshb-tv 13 logo 1980


WSHB-13 1989


WSHB-13 1995


Wshb-tv 2003


Wshb-tv 2012


Wshb-tv 2013


Wshb-tv 2014
In January 1st 2014, WSHB was rebranded to WHLK-TV