WFXM-TV (branded on-air as Big 33) is a commercial-free television station located in Macon, Georgia that begin broadcasting on July 16th, 1985 as WWMC-TV one year before it became the current call letters WFXM-TV. It operates on channel 33, and is independent. It is owned by WFXM Partnership, Inc., which is a 50/50 joint-venture of RKO Holdings and Lava Lamp Entertainment. Originally WFXM was a Fox affiliate (including edited and uninterrupted rebroadcasts of WXIA-TV, WMAZ-TV, and WAGA-TV's newscasts) until 1996 and was also a HBO affiliate until 2007 when it becomes a family-oriented television station.


WFXM-TV begins broadcasting in July 1985 as WWMC-TV, a general entertainment independent station.


WWMC-TV becomes WFXM-TV one year later in July 1986, three months before it became a charter affiliate of the Fox Broadcasting Company.


WFXM-TV begin branding as "Fox 33" until 1996, and this logo was based on the 20th Century Fox logo.


The 1993 logo for WFXM-TV was based on the Fox network logo.


The 1994 logo for WFXM-TV was based on the Fox network logo.


The last logo for WFXM-TV as a Fox affiliate was based on the FoxVideo logo.


WFXM-TV becomes a HBO affiliate in 1996, re-branding as "Macon's HBO 33".


WFXM-TV begin offering a brand new on-air look and logo in 2001.


In 2007, WFXM-TV becomes a independent station once again and changed its focus from general audiences to family full-time, and it return the "Big 33" branding under the new slogan "Come on and watch Big 33".


WFXM-TV receives a new logo and a new on-air look in 2014 under the brand new slogan "Thinking Big for Families".