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the page of Idents of WBTV-4.



WBTV4 startup

an Early startup of WBTV-4 Only on Toon Disney

in the Startup (morning at 7.00), the WBTV-4 was starting up in this time.

in Toon Disney, WBTV-4 finally starts up at morning 4.00, it just appeared in this time.

WBTV-4's Special Channel[]

WBTV-4 special ident

WBTV-4 special ident created by Levibross Network

WBTV-4's 20th Birthday Special is an Special Channel celebrating 20 years created at Canada.


WBTV4 shutdown

an early Closedown ident of WBTV-4.

in the night at 9.10, WBTV-4 is closing down at night, how to look it now; the WBTV-4 is shutting down at this hour.