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Go! Animate Television Grounded Service


Go! Animate Television Grounded Service logo 1936–1939

Go!Animate Television Grounded Service began on 2 November 1936, broadcasting from Calvin Kung he's great grandfather of Alvin Hung in Goanimate City. For the first three months the service would alternate weekly between the Baird 240-line system and Marconi-EMI 405-line system; switching to the Marconi-EMI system permanently from 5 February 1937 onwards.

The Tuning Symbol (later to be known as the test card), was also used. It was merely a circle and a line, And Circle he's a Face Angry saying You're Grounded For Life occasionally followed by the words ‘Go! Animate Television Grounded Service'.

Due to grounding Calvin Kung or great grandfather of Alvin Hung, it was closed on 1 September 1939.


Go!Animate Boris of Arms (1927-1988)

Go!Animate Television Grounded Service returned on 7 June 1946, using the Go!Animate Boris of arms as the ident. It was on-air for three periods a day - 24 hours for Grounding's programmes

Each period had a standard start-up routine; at 5 minutes to the hour the BBC Tuning Signal would be shown, then at 1 minute to the hour it would fade into the Go!Animate Boris of arms and finally at 20 seconds to the hour that would fade into footage of the Joyce and Jane Gets Grounded.

Go!Animate Channel


GoAnimate Channel (1961-2018)
Due to Punishment Mouth in 1961, Go!Animate Television Grounded Service is Now Go!Animate Channel The Go! is Up and Animate And Channel Is Down and New Series are Coming Caillou Gets Grounded and Dora Gets Grounded and PC Guy Gets Grounded and Every series are Getting Grounded

Vyond Channel


Vyond Channel (2018)
In May 16, 2018 GoAnimate changed its name to Vyond.
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