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1992-1993 (pre-alpha testings) 1993-1994 (alpha testings) 1994-1995 (later alpha and early beta testings) 1995-1996 (beta testings) 1996-1997 (final beta testings) 1997-1999
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VidSpace is an El Kadsreian video sharing website. It lets users upload videos and share videos globally with other people. It also lets users subscribe to channels, comment on videos, make playlists and favorite their videos. It was the first video-sharing website and it was the most popular video sharing website before YouTube was launched in El Kadsre in 2005. During its 20-year span, the website has 230 billion videos, while 50 were uploaded in its first month.

1992-1993 (pre-alpha testings)


The development of VidSpace began in 1992. The first is simply on the Times New Roman font.

1993-1994 (alpha testings)


The logo is now on the yellow text and it's on the purple box and yellow stars with the slogan saying "Watch videos on the web!"

1994-1995 (later alpha and early beta testings)


The logo describes as the old TV set with the blue screen with black text saying "VID" which is about to get hit by the rocket with the words "SPACE" on it. The Vlokozuian satellite called VUS4 that goes through orbit from 1986 to 2006 can be seen above Earth

1995-1996 (beta testings)


New logo contest entries

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1996-1997 (final beta testings)


This logo is the winning design of the 1995 Vidspace logo contest.



On January 17, 1997, Vidspace was officially launched on the internet, as well as the Vidspace name being trademarked. Since 2012, This logo appears as the easter egg if you click on the video called "Me testing my video website project" posted in 1997 by the founder of Vidspace, Tyrrell Takara which is the first video in Vidspace, complete with the old interface with the said year.



Same as the 1997 logo except for the shadow beneath the logo is added and the star that used to sparkle the logo has been removed.



Same as the 1999 logo except gradient is removed.



Same as the 1999 logo except the shadow beneath the logo is removed.



The logo is redesigned and it is now in 2D.



On June 30, 2017, Vidspace got a major redesign logo, the "VID" icon is now in circle with new font and new "VidSpace" text in TT Norms font.

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