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Logo from 1971 to 1976, and was used for a brief time in 1977.


V of Doom

Logo that is still in use today. The merge never happened and it is still in use.

Viacom V of Doom (1978-1985)

Viacom (1978)

Viacom V of Steel (1986-1990)

Viacom (1986)

Viacom Productions

Viacom (1983)

Viacom V of Blue Steel (1990-1993)

Viacom (1990) Hosona was very lucky to have another V of Steel, but blue. This variant was used until 1993.

Viacom Colorful Letters (1999-present)

Viacom (1999)

Viacom Wigga Wigga (1993-1999)

Viacom (1993) Logo used from 1993 to 1999. After 1999; the logo was replaced with the newer version.

1990-2019 (secondary)

Viacom (1990-1999)

Viacom used this logo from 1990 to 1999, and was no longer used because it caused people to get bored, so a new colorful version was created. Ironically, the new 2019 logo that was introduced, was all blue.

Viacom (1999-present)

Used from September 13, 1999 to December 14, 2019.


New viacom hosona logo

Logo used since December 14, 2019; although it was revealed 10 days earlier. However, Viacom in Hosona was nearly dissolved; but was saved, leading to the Viacom V of Doom being used along with this new wording. but later, V of Doom was abandoned as Viacom Hosona is renaming to ViacomCBS Hosona.

VTTelevision Holdings?action=edit E Awesome Television Holdings

Atn holdings new logo

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