Vexner Laboratories is an American company specializing in sound technologies, especially in audio noise reduction, audio enhancements, audio remastering and audio encoding/compression.

The company was founded in 2004 in Fresno, California by Max Vexner Jr. and is owned by Nimbus Electronics.


Vexner 2004

The logo was created by Salovaara + Kukkonen Group Los Angeles. It's modeled after a fox's head, because Max Vexner Jr's grandmother used to own a tamed fox as a pet.


Vexner 2009

For it's fifth anniversary, Vexner unveiled a new logo, featuring a more simplified fox's head, which was drawn to look like two corners folding, about to overlap each other.

Vexner 2009 colorless

A colorless version.


Vexner 2012

The font and the name were changed and the logo became more simplistic, sporting a rainbow color as a homage to the infamous Apple rainbow logo used in the 80s.


Vexner 2015

For a brief time, it was owned by OK Labs.

The fox head symbol became smaller and completely black and the font was changed to fit the OK Labs byline.


Vexner 2016

The company changed it's logo after being bought by Laserium Holdings.


Vexner Nimbus

Qualis sold Vexner to Nimbus Electronics in July 2019.

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