Sunbow was originally going to release VeggieTales Adventures on VHS, as G.I. Joe's Skeleton Planet, a direct-to-video spin-off of G.I. Joe and unrelated to the VeggieTales series. The plot concerned the Screaming Eagles (replaced by Larry from VeggieTales) and General Joseph Colton (replaced by Bob from VeggieTales), along with their new character Stan (who appears briefly at the beginning and near the end), and Bob, a wizard who was the Joseph's father and Screaming Eagles' adoptive wife (who was dropped entirely). The Rockscrap (which became the Warpscrap) would let the tape switch between Screaming Eagles and Sabre.

Tom Bacal mentioned in an interview that, after reviewing content of G.I. Joe's Skeleton Planet, the similarities of Sunbow's anthropomorphic designs to Big Idea's Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato's design were striking. The title was later changed to be a VeggieTales-brand launch movie on RKO Network. Before this, Sunbow released MP3s from the unreleased movie, along with numerous trailers and screenshots of the movie, many of which appeared in VeggieTales Adventures.

The original title was VeggieTales Adventures: Skeleton Planet, but "Skeleton Planet" was later removed. The movie was Sunbow's final movie before TV Loonland acquired Sunbow from Sony Wonder in 2000. Since its release, VeggieTales Adventures made a VHS release in 2001 from Big Idea Entertainment and distributed by HiT Entertainment.