February 4, 2017 - MANCHESTER, UK

After Laserium Holdings announced to drop many of its projects then-in progress, they announced to acquire Ultra Horror, Ultra EduUltra Cinema and Ultra Cuisine channels with Cartoon Orbit from Ultra Limited. They also announced to acquire three regional channels Optica Television, Channel Z, Ultra TV Hong Kong and MNC Ultra.

What could this mean for Ultra TV's presence in Asia? We might not know yet.



Today, Brittany Kurosaka announced a hallmark moment in Qualis's history; Qualis is set to acquire most of the assets of Ultra Limited. This will include Ultra 2, the thematic channels, the regional channels (including Optica, Channel Z and MNC Ultra), the production company Ultra Productions and its Ultra Home Entertainment arm, the teletext service Ultra Text, the Ultra News unit and their news programs, among its other assets. However, what the deal will not include Ultra TV nor its toon-focused brand UltraToons Network (and its international channels). Those two assets will be spun off to the new Ultra Limited.

The acquisition was first discussed about on February 4, 2017, but was called off quickly.

The acquisition is expected to finalize by April 2019.

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