Now, I am not going to highlight this post because I am afraid it might get a bit too spammy (like the announcement feeds of The Parody Wiki and Ideas Wiki, shade thrown), so I will just post this as is and link it to moderators primarily and also our Discord server. And I doubt many will response, despite all of us.... staying inside.... with no events or school.... *sigh* I need to get more active admins here or decrease the size, it's the only way I can keep the whole wiki in check.

What is this?

Our wikis (Dream Logos Wiki, Dream Fiction Wiki and Dream Incubator Wiki) are currently going through a very, very slow metamorphisis. In fact, we are still going through what I like to call the "phase 1" of the new Dream Logos/Fiction Wikis.... plan? I don't know, but anyways, we still have a couple of things to do, before we move onto our next big project/"phase", which I will hint on the next Monthly Update. (Sit tight.)

So, when this new thing to the entire Fandom platform was announced, I was interested. A move to a better Fandom platform, one called... Unified Community Platform.

Unified Community Platform?

In short, if everyone accepts this move, we go from a platform based on a very old ancient version of MediaWiki to one based on a much newer, "years ahead of others" version of MediaWiki, which is much newer and cleaner (maybe). With this new platform, you can also finally edit on mobile phones. You can read more in this handy booklet by Mister Woodhouse himself: (INSERT LINK HERE).

As to what will change if we do move to this new platform? Well, the achievements system, first of all.

And not much else. That's why I... kinda had to ask. While new technology is good, in the end, is it really worth moving into a newer version of something just because one thing has changed? Well, I could go on about nostalgia, holding onto something dear, the way time changes things...

But then I remembered I'm a programmer, and with new things, come bug fixes and a much lesser chance of things screwing up your system to the point of absolute self-destruction. So on my part, I say yes. What about you?

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