I really want leave this wiki (even scratch.edu) now because I really mad how bad this wiki is going, these fandom users are everywhere and I need to move all my pages to my wiki and protect them all, and I really hate the wiki because people are vandalizing and harassing my stuff in this wiki I feel like to leave the wiki and plus everyone hates me anyway, I'm just depressed and I feel like I should only live in the YTP community and better communities, and I feel like these logo communities are going downhill including the POE community.

All I see is nothing but crappy scratchers from scratch.edu that use overused object greeny phatom, and other crappy fanbases, random fandom users spamming and harassing, POE is already dead thanks to some random idiot, I find these type of things overused and annoying and fine go ahead staff ban me, and delete my pages!! -_-

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