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"At least I'm the only person who knows MS Paint wasn't a good idea.."


I'm a random nintendo fan. Also I am Kirob on Youtube if you want it. (I'm not Active Everyday due to School and Loss of Motivation)

Joined October 2019; Started Contributing since November 2019


  • It's been 1 Year after I created my Account
  • I have a Pirated Version of Minecraft
  • I suck at Making Logos before
  • Vocaloid is g o o d
  • i love epson printers.


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I speak Tagalog as my native language, i put in here because the wiki doesn't have one lmao*

The Things That I stupidly Have..

  1. Samsung J7: A Phone of my Dad and then Gave me, Its a crappy Phone but, it still powerful that it can still play Minecraft PE 1.16 of a Phone From 2015. Until I got a new phone from my mom
  2. Nintendo DS: I Brought this Console in Jul 2020 when Pandemic Is Still Going, it a Great Console to Play when You're Bored. I Couldn't Buy Games, so I Use a Flashcard lol 
  3. useless Bootleg Wii Remote: I Brought it because I Like Playing Wii Games in A Emulator and I Thought it would work, it it didn't Because it was Wireless (Which my PC Don't) and Also I'm Dumb (Rip 500₱ :[  ) 
  4. Pen With Eraser: To Write And Draw Things, but the ink runned out, so I use a regular pen again.
  5. Lenovo Ideapad 100s-14ibr: My Old/Former laptop Where I make and Create Video/Pages since 2019, but it has Issues like, the Connection disconnects randomly, Slow Performance, And it only 32GB which I have always 2GB left, and The Hinge Broke so I can't Close it Anymore, And then it Randomly When I Turned it on, My Laptop goes Bootloop, that's why I have a New PC, and yes I Repair my Laptop. but it was abandoned because I have a new PC and I don't even care about it
  6. Oppo F1s: A phone that my Mom give me after having my old phone for 1 year, its a nice Upgrade, but I can't play High-Graphics games, so that was a Downgrade too
  7. Gameboy Color: A console that is Rare now days. I found a Gameboy color on someone's Home when we're on a Trip, its a good found I guess. but it broke even if I plugged it with batteries (F)
  8. iPad 2nd Gen: My old tablet that still works, I got it since 2016/2015, but the Performance is kinda slow, so that's why I have a phone
  9. Epson Printer: A really cool printer but I don't use it that much.

The Logo Shelter

A shelter for scraps or Logos I didn't still create a page for them. I will remove them and move them where they belong

Great Games!

Here some Games That I actually Enjoy! (some of them I don't play/bought the game yet, but I still like the game play)

  • ʏ = Played on a Original Console/Played on PC or Phone
  • ᴇ = Played on a Emulator
  • ɴ = Not Played Yet/Only watched them
    • Super Mario Bros. 3 ᴇ
    • Super Mario World ᴇ
    • Super Mario 64 ᴇ/DS ʏ
    • Mariokart 64 ᴇ
    • Mario Party 3 ᴇ
    • Super Mario Sunshine ᴇ
    • Mario Party DS ʏ
    • New Super Mario Bros/DS ʏ/3ds ɴ/Wii ᴇ/Wii U ɴ
    • Super Mario Galaxy ɴ/2 ɴ
    • Minecraft ʏ
    • R O B L O X ʏ
    • Super Mario Maker ɴ/2 ɴ
    • Tetris DS ʏ
    • Warioware Touch ʏ
    • Mariokart Wii
    • Pokémon Silver Version (The Pirated One) ʏ
    • VRChat ʏ
    • Bomb bot Arena ʏ
    • Trove ʏ


What Do I Use?

  • Pixlr.com (Current)
  • Paint.net (Formerly)
  • Clip Art Paint (Formerly, Trial Expired)
  • GIMP (Formerly)
  • Pizap.com (Formerly, It Sucks)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Formerly, Trial Expired)

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