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  • I live in Philippines/Sakaria
  • I was born on February 24
  • My occupation is Nugget Eater
  • I am the creator of Sakaria
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Hi! My name is Juan and welcome to my profile! I have been on DLW for around 7 months and 4 months on DFW. I love logos (but not as much as other actual logo enthusiasts) and also learning about the history of such logos. I am the creator of the fictional country of Sakaria and also a Twice Fan.. I like making fictional logos, brands and even countries (even if some of them dont make ANY sense.).

Questions/Answers (in case you might think of some)

  • What device do you use for DLW & DLF

Hmm, actually. I use my phone! I used to have a laptop but it got whonked up.

  • How did you create Sakaria?

I created it on Minecraft 5 years ago, I don't know what Sakaria means to be honest. I was just mixing random sounds in my mouth, wrote it down and picked the one that sounded most 'foreign'.

  • Can you tell us your location or age?

UH UH, nope nope nope. Age is a big no no but for location I can say that I live in the Philippines (obvi) and the city I am in was the capital before Manila became the 'pearl' of the orient.

  • Straight or LGBT

Uhh, straight? I support LGBTQ+ all the way, dont worry.

Favourite Logos

Cool KPOP Groups

You may not know but I'm a KPOP fan, not like suuuuuuuuper just like other extreme fans but you know. I'm still a fan! Anyways, here are groups you should try listening to.

Thanks for visiting my profile, see you soon ya'll logo-ists.

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