aka Susumu "Driller" Takajima

  • I live in Kozankyo, Kozan
  • My occupation is playing Mario Kart, Touhou, and making anime games
  • I am Male
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* [[Drillimation Studios]]
* [[Drillimation Studios]]
* [[Super Smash Keyboards]]
* [[Super Smash Keyboards]]
==Wikis I'm admin at==
*[ Drillimation Wiki]
*[ GoAnimate Community]
*[ Mr. Driller Wiki]

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Howdy! I'm CoolGamer23, also known as The Drillimation Guy or Susumu "Driller" Takajima, but you can just call me Driller!

How I make logos

I use Paint.NET to make my logos. I know others use Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai, but MS Paint is not the place to go to make logos.

My pages

Wikis I'm admin at


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