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Universal G4 was a joint venture between The Universal Company and NBCUniversal.

Even though NBCUniversal's G4 ended operations in December 31, 2014, Universal G4 continued to air until when UniCon 2016 rolled around when the channel finally ended. The final sign off is pretty much the same as G4s but the man says "I'm at UniCon" instead. Unlike G4s website, which it's images was deleted, Universal G4's website retained everything. As of 2017, Universal G4's website can still be accessed and is still active with the Canadian version still giving out updates. The Canadian G4 ended on August 31, 2017. However Universal G4 in Canada still survives to this day. The U.S Universal G4 was revived by NBCUniversal and The Universal Company in January 3,2018 because They needed to keep the G4 name.