The Inanimate Objects Movie (2014)

After the StudioCanal logo, the logo fades to the 2014-2018 logo.

TheCuben2006 Productions (The Inanimate Objects Movie)

The Scratch Movie (2014)

It is the same style as the movie, and there is a Scratch Cat on the back of the logo.

TheCuben2006 Productions (The Scratch Movie)

John Smith Invented Chewing (1984, 2016 re-release)


The logo is against a yellow confetti background.

Las Tronties (2017)

The logo gets glitched up. (Which carries to Azara Pictures)

TheCuben2006 Productions (Las Tronties)

The Pen and Eraser Movie (2017)

The logo is blue and pink, and it on 3D.

TheCuben2006 Productions (The Pen and Eraser Movie)

Snowboard An Object Lockdown Story (2018)

The logo placed on a blue background covered up with snow, and the snows are falling out.

CubenRocks Productions (Snowboard An Object Lockdown Story)
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