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In Late March 1999, Ultra Music Festival was first attended, the festival was announced that Ultra TV, the youth-oriented channel was launched in the festival, with the collaboration of ASCII MediaWorks Dengeki Bunko based Anime shows, and a Music Video programs. This channel was becomes one of the Turner Broadcasting System channel, a part of WarnerMedia from Warner Bros.

In 2002, Ultra has a new logo and broadcasting of FIFA World Cup has announced forever.

In 2009, sister channel Ultra+ has launched, with the Dengeki Comics based anime programs, along with 2003 Teen Titans.

In 2013, Ultra TV collaborated with DC Comics to airs the first DC program, Teen Titans Go!

In 2016, The Powerpuff Girls has aired.

In 2017, Houbunsha Manga Time Kirara series has merged with Dengeki Comics to renamed as Dengeki Kirara series. All of the chosen Manga Time Kirara comics has adapted into light novels, labeled as Dengeki Kirara Bunko, such as Blend S, which aired in October 2017, and New Game which aired in July 2016. Ben 10 also aired in April 2017.

In 2019, DC Superhero Girls was aired. Toei collaborates with ASCII MediaWorks to make Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Ultraman light novels, which labeled as Dengeki Hero Bunko. Powerpuff Girls Z, Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10, DC Superhero Girls was also adapted as light novels from Dengeki Hero Bunko. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Lupinranger vs. Patrangers, and Ultraman Geed are aired to become the first tokusatsu shows.


Ultra 1st Logo


Ultra 2nd Logo
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