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Ultra Magnetic U Ident.png|Magnetic "U" ident, 2013.
Ultra Magnetic U Ident.png|Magnetic "U" ident, 2013.
Ultra PMTGA Ident.png|This ident used to promote ''Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures'', 2013.
Ultra PMTGA Ident.png|This ident used to promote ''Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures'', 2013.
Ultra PMTGA Ident 2.png|This ident used before episodes of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, 2013.
Ultra Christmas Ident.png|Christmas Ident, 2013.
Ultra Christmas Ident.png|Christmas Ident, 2013.

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Ultra TV is an international digital satellite channel that airs women's entertainment, movies, news, and adult entertainment. It was launched on September 22, 1997.

1995-1997 (Prelaunch)

Ultra tv prelaunch logo 1995
Ultra TV signed a patent in October 29, 1995. Its original slogan was intented to be "Dynamic Television". Due to lack of funds, the channel was not launched until September 22, 1997.


Ultra tv logo 1997-99
On September 22, 1997, Ultra TV was launched. The logo was designed by Pentagram and the idents where done by Paul Rand.


Ultra tv logo 1999
An improved logo was designed in 1999 by the same company above  and debuted on June 21, 1999. This logo was used when it become from a premium, commercial-free international analog cable service to a basic digital satellite ad-supported global channel.


Ultratv logo 2001 with shadow

When the channel's ratings suddenly declined in late-2000, Ultra TV commisioned Troika Design Group to do the logo and the idents to recover its ratings that were lost in 2000. That was deemed very effective. Ultra TV debuted its new look on May 4, 2001. The first idents where done by Novocom. The 2002 idents were designed by Lambie-Nairn and debuted on September 2, 2002. From December 2003-March 2004, many people in the world submitted designs for the idents, with the alternative logo. These submitted idents were animated by Lambie-Nairn and aired from April 2, 2004 until September 26, 2004.



Ultratv logo 2004 plus

On September 26, 2004, Ultra TV received another overhaul, which inverted the colours, added a circle, and used Gotham font. This logo was designed by Razorfish and the idents were designed by Brand New School. In the last weeks of March 2004, Brand New School came up with the beautiful concept of having one of the subjects draw the Ultra logo in the air.

Initially the plan was to create a years worth of 1000 ID's in batches [ about so many idents at a time]. The overall brief - handed for the first time to external ad agency Omnicom Group, was to embrace and inclusively show multicultural makeup in the countries that Ultra TV serves, and identify that people show values, supports, confidence, and greatness for Ultra TV. Additionally the brief was to imbue the series with a contemporary worldwide identity.

Ken Francis created music for most of the series, with an agenda to create unusual and captivating musical "foils" rather than literal & typical "TV Ident" soundtracks, and curated a small amount of licensed music when only that would do. Hot Chocolate's "Heaven's in the Back Seat" for example, underscored one ident. Ken decided to reinvent the classic four-note Ultra TV jingle in all manner of sounds to bring a home-made humour and voice to complete the "branding".

Ken on the project: "The visual idea just blew me away, even in the trial shoot. It was so great being able to watch people in the lives then draw the Ultra logo in their own styles and it was perfect for the network. The team were busting to try awesome ways to capture real people in all their captivating humanness... and so I just painted with musical and sound stuff that spoke to the human on the screen - some sort of lateral backstory preferable - and with fun or dignity. preferably both. I LOVED trying to find things that just lifted you out of the ordinary view..."

For the award winning first part of the series, a Brand New School employee brought her spectacularly beautiful slo-mo sepia magic to these award-winning vignettes.


Ultratv logo 2006 Modified

This logo debuted on March 1, 2006, when Ultra TV had minor changes to the logo by adding a bevel, designed by the same company. Also, on that day, a new cyborg mascot (called in same name) was launched.

2009-2012 logo 2009

A simpler logo, based on the channel's on-screen bug, was launched on April 6, 2009. The bug's wordmark was changed from just 'ultra' to '', Ultra TV's website url since 1997. This logo was designed by Red Bee Media.


Ultratv logo new smartphone app

A completely new logo, which resembles a smartphone app (like Disney Channel's), was designed by Moira and debuted on May 1, 2012. It was done to refresh the channel's image for the youth and the masses. However, the on-screen bug was still used in tandem with the 2012 logo.


Additional images

2013-present (Most countries)


On September 1, 2013, Ultra TV introduced the new logo, which was designed by Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, However, the cyborg mascot was dropped, the on-screen bug was updated accordingly, and the slogan is still used until November 2013.

2014-2042!! (Only Roblox World!!)

Ultra tentative

In October 12, 2013, it was announced that a leaked logo would be inaugurated in March 33, 2014, to be used only in selected NTSC regions, namely: United States of America, and the Philippines. They thought that the logo resembled a smiley face more than the current logo. The USA version will use the slogan "so:ultra", while Ultra TV Philippines will broadcast Filipino-language programming, aside from English programming. The Philippines slogan will be "Type ko Wonderful!!!" Selected adult programming will be removed in Wonderful Philippines. Font used in the logo will be Museo. Idents will show CGI "rose petals" (actually animated 3D discs) and will be designed by beeld.motion.

2014-2042!! (Only Dimmsdale!!)

Ultra TV leaked logo for France only 2014

2014-2042!! (Only Fucking Hell!!)

Ultra leaked logo 2014 for UK and Ireland only


  1. 1995-1996: Dynamic Television (unused)
  2. 1996: We Dare to Be Different (unused)
  3. 1996-1997: The Next Generation of Television (unused)
  4. March-May 1997: Television With A Different Purpose (unused)
  5. May-June 1997: We're different from any TV network (unused)
  6. June-Sept. 1997 (final): See a new dimension in television (proposed)
  7. Sept. 1997-1999: Something new on television!
  8. 1999-2000: A Different Channel
  9. 2000: Make it better.
  10. 2001-2002: Ultra TV. Now made even better!
  11. 2002-2004: tv.personalised
  12. 2004-2006: New Face, New Attitude. (taken from IBC's slogan used from 2002 until 2003).
  13. March-December 2006: The channel for the youth and the young-at-heart. (Used to promote the new mascot, Ultra, which is a cyborg).
  14. 2007-2009: Feel young forever
  15. 2008-2009 (secondary): (Placeholder slogan, which is a combination of the 2000 and 2002 slogans).
  16. 2009-2012: Get connected.
  17. January-September 2012: Let's click!
  18. September 1-2, 2012: Click@u(used to promote the 2012 logo)
  19. September 2-28, 2012: We're clicking with the world.
  20. September 2012-November 2013: We're clicking with you.
  21. September-November 2013: What does Ultra say? (To promote the new logo) (resmable the Ylvis's "What does the fox say?")
  22. November 2013-present: Ultrastic. (the portmanteau that mixing the word "Ultra" and "Fantastic")
  23. March 2014-(tentative, USA): so:ultra
  24. March 2014-(tentative, Philippines): Type ko Wonderful!! (The Philippine version will start Filipino programming, along with English programming.)
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