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St. Moritz 1948

CTS Olympics 1948 title.png

Helsinki 1952

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Melbourne 1956

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING


TC2C Olympics 1960.svg

Squaw Valley 1960

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Innsbruck 1964

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Tokyo 1964

TC2C Tokyo 1964 title.png

Grenoble 1968

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Mexico 1968

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Sapporo 1972

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Munich 1972

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Innsbruck 1976

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Montreal 1976

TC2C 1976 Olympics title.png

Lake Placid 1980

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Moscow 1980

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Sarajevo 1984

TheCuben2006 Channel Olympics Sarajevo 1984.png

Los Angeles 1984

TC2C Olympics Los Angeles 1984.png

Calgary 1988

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Seoul 1988

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING


TC2C Olympics 1991.svg

Albertville 1992

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Barcelona 1992

TC2C 1992 Barcelona Olympics.svg

Lillehammer 1994

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Atlanta 1996

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Nagano 1998

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING


TC2C Olympics 2000.svg

Sydney 2000

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Salt Lake 2002

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Athens 2004

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Torino 2006

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING


TC2C Olympics 2007.svg

Beijing 2008

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING


Vancover 2010

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

London 2012

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING


TC2C Olympics 2013.svg
Logopedia InfoWhite.svg BETTER LOGO NEEDED

Sochi 2014

Logopedia InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING


TC2C Olympics 2016.svg

Rio 2016

TC2C Rio 2016.svg

CBRC Olympics


CubenRocks Channel Olympics.svg

PyeongChang 2018

CBRC 2018 Winter Olympics.svg

UWN Olympics


UWN Olympics.svg

Tokyo 2020

UWN Olympics Tokyo 2020.svg
Designer:  TMS Entertainment (title animation)
DixonBaxi (on-screen elements)
Typography:  Custom-designed
Launched:  Unknown

Following the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, UWN Olympics unveils the new logo for the Olympic Games in September 2020. The title openingg/sequence were animated by TMS Entertainment (Tokyo Movie Shinsha) in Tokyo, Japan (the animation company where was located at the host city for the 2020 Summer Olympics) and the on-screen elements were designed by DixonBaxi.

Beijing 2022

UWN Beijing 2022.svg
Designer:  Wang Film Productions
Pearl Studio
DixonBaxi (on-screen elements)
Typography:  Custom-designed
Launched:  Unknown

The logo was released on November 2021, the title opening/sequence was animated both by two Chinese animation studios, Wang Film Productions and Pearl Studio. And once again, DixonBaxi for on-screen elements.

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CPN 2019 Logo Magneta.png

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2 Shut down due to the Gabriel Garcia pedo incident.
3 Shut down due to the acquisition and shutdown of BAD Productions.

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