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1947-1952 1952-1958 1958-1960 1960-1976 1976-1980 1980-1986
1947-1952 1952-1958 1958-1960 1960-1976 1976-1980 1980-1986
1986-1991 1991-2000 2000-2007 2007-2009 2009-2013 2013-2015
1986-1991 1991-2000 2000-2007 2007-2009 2009-2013 2013-2015
2015-2016 2016-2018 2018-2020 2020-present
2015-2016 2016-2018 2018-2020 2020-present

TheCuben2006 Channel (first generation)

1946 (pre-launch prototype logo)

TheCuben2006 Channel Protoype Logo.png
Logopedia InfoWhite.svg SVG NEEDED
Designer:  David Carson
Typography:  Custom-designed
Launched:  Unknown

In July 1946 at nearly 4:00 am, in New York City, New York, United States (the flagship station WCBR-TV), and Saudi Arabia at 11:00 am, the television and radio broadcasting team workers of the Cuben Corp wanted to make a plan to form their new broadcasting service in the company. So they signed a broadcasting deal to the Cuben Corp team and got started setting up the studio inside of the company, debuting their new broadcasting service called TheCuben2006 Channel, also known as Cuben Radio Service. It serves the radio broadcasting around the world until it was shutdown in 1963.

This is a prototype logo designed by David Carson - depicting "TheCuben2006" letters slapped on a cube next to the word "Channel" in heavy lettering. But the team of Cuben Corp rejected this logo as it looks a little bland and dull. Later then, Cuben Radio Service held a logo contest in November 1946 for a better logo for this service. There are 16 entries in this contest, but only one entry will be an official logo for this radio broadcasting service.

Cuben Radio Service/Cuben Television Service (experimental phrase)


Cuben Radio Service.svg
Designer:  Armin Hofmann
Typography:  Gill Sans Ultra Bold (logo and on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

Cuben Radio Service was launched on August 1st, 1947. This is the first logo and radio broadcasting in the Cuben Corp and started up as a new Radio Network and Service transmitted in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and around the world. It was designed by contest winner Armin Hofmann, after receiving the greatest amount of votes with 37. This logo features a circle with a cross and some 4 circles inside of the circle, which means it serves the 4 transmitting regions. It also resembles to the "Do Not Dry Clean" icon (albeit the nickname for this logo.) from one the laundry symbols, but with 4 circles surrounding them. There is an another alternative version of this logo including 4 diamonds, but it was never used as well - as a prototype logo.

This logo will be later used on experiencing this channel on television from February 1949 to September 1951 under "Cuben Television Service" - featuring an ident just a logo in a black background, only to find out it was lost footage of people testing their television broadcasting during that year. One day, the lost logo was mysterious found, including an old recording of a logo with Cuben Television Service logo on a black background, which was recorded on May 19, 1949 by someone who turned on the TV, of a broadcast testing found on a time capsule, which opened on May 19, 2019.

TheCuben2006 Channel


TheCuben2006 Channel 1952.svg
Designer:  Paul Rand
Typography:  Custom-designed
Banco (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

This second logo was debuted in July 3, 1952, with the words in serif (TheCuben2006) and cursive (Channel) in a long shadow - which was designed by Paul Rand. This makes the transition of a new television network and service in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and around the world. However, in Saudi Arabia, television wasn't existed until 2 years later on, which is 1954. Unlike the other countries.


Logopedia InfoWhite.svg SVG NEEDED
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Custom-designed
Launched:  Unknown

This logo mascot has named Culture. But is the logo looks like the current Roblox logo from 2017, that game doesn't exist until 2005. The face in the logo was later reused in the next logo.



TheCuben2006 Channel 1960.svg

TheCuben2006 Channel debuts the famous logo in May 1960. The logo uses the face from the 1958 logo, but this time with 3 rings in red, green, and blue - debuting the testing of the color television. This logo gave too much criticism to this logo with a face reminding some people that it look like an inanimate object. The face in this logo was known as the famous "The Face In Logo". Designed by Paul Rand, who also designed back in 1952.

Designer:  Paul Rand
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown


TheCuben2006 Channel 1976.svg
Designer:  Paul Rand
Chermayeff & Geismar
Dolphin Productions/New York
Image West
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

This logo is introduced on January 21, 1976. Starting in 1979, this channel became a cable channel all around the world except for some certain countries like Turkistan, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Laos, Cameroon, Martinique, etc. This logo debuts a circle with a face inside of it. It was known for a new mascot, named Circa. This logo proceeds to use on many affiliates, even on owned & operated affiliates in the United States. In 2012, this logo makes a victory appearance on a 65th anniversary of this channel. The logo designed by Paul Rand was modified by Chermayeff & Geismar, and the idents were animated by Dolphin Productions/New York and Image West, but some of the idents were used some stock footages from CASCOM Select Effects library.

This logo was reused for some UWN affiliated stations in the United States.


TheCuben2006 Channel 1980.svg
Designer:  Paul Rand
NYIT Computer Graphics Lab
Typography:  Futura Extra Bold (logo)
Launched:  Unknown

This logo was the same as the last two logos made by Paul Rand - but the ring is thinner, the face's size is increased a bit, and the color is now red instead of blue. This logo was founded on November 5, 1980. The idents were animated by NYIT Computer Graphics Lab (currently Pixar Animation Studios) who also animated the idents for Rede Globo, CBS Sports and Headline News.


TheCuben2006 Channel 1986.svg
Designer:  Paul Rand
Television by Design
Typography:  Helvetica Condensed (logo)
Univers (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

This logo debuted on March 8, 1986. The logo was the same as the last three Paul Rand logos rebranding - except this time, the circle is a bit thicker, the face is a bit smaller, and it's now include "TheCuben2006 Channel" text. The logo and the graphic packaging was animated by Atlanta-based Television by Design, also known as John Christopher Burns Design or jcbD for short. On that same day, it became a 24/7 channel.


TheCuben2006 Channel 1991.svg
Designer:  Pentagram (design)
In-house team
GRFX/Novocom (1994 ident package)
Pittard Sullivan (1997 ident package)
Lambie-Nairn (1999 ident package)
Typography:  Helvetica Condensed (logo and on-air)
Univers/93 Extra Black Extended (on-air)
Avant Garde (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

TheCuben2006 Channel makes a major rebranding. This logo is introduced on March 7, 1991, since it retires the face in a circle since 1960. On September 1st, 1993, the channel became available on analogue satellite in the UK as part of the Sky Multichannels package. The analogue satellite channel later ceased analogue transmissions on 1 February 2002. This logo was created and designed by Pentagram.

The ident packages were made by GRFX/Novocom in 1994, Pittard Sullivan in 1997 and Lambie-Narin in 1999.


TheCuben2006 Channel 2000.svg
Designer:  In-house team
The Graphics Design
Typography:  Custom-designed
Gill Sans (on-air)
Helvetica (on-air)
Franklin Gothic (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

This logo is introduced on January 2, 2000, before the New Year's Day, New Millennium, and the Celebration of 2000. This channel was launched an HD channel on the same day. The idents were made by the in-house team, Lambie-Narin and The Graphics Design.

2004 (unused prototype)

TheCuben2006 Channel unused.svg

The aforementioned logo is the same as the defunct Brazilian television channel Rede Tupi. On March 26, 2004, they are planning to have a new look and a new ident rebrand packaging, but this logo is rejected from using the whole logo or symbol from Rede Tupi. So they stick to the previous rebranding to prevent copyright infringement by Rede Tupi's owner, Brazilian-based Diários Associados.


TheCuben2006 Channel 2007.svg
Designer:  Troika Design Group
Typography:  Futura (logo and on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

This rebrand was introduced on February 2, 2007. It was stylized as C2 (in TC2C). The ident graphics packing were all made and designed by Troika Design Group.


TheCuben2006 Chann.png
Logopedia InfoWhite.svg SVG NEEDED
Designer:  In-house team
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Proxima Nova (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

It was introduced on January 1, 2009, this logo and the batch of idents are made by The Graphics Design who also made graphic packagings back in 2000 (teamed up with the in-house team and Lambie-Nairn) and in 2018 later. On January 2, 2010, One object show called Battle for Dream Island (now as Battle for BFDI; and ended in April 2021, during the season finale on UWN) was launched as the first-ever animated object show cartoon. Extreme TV premiered BFDI's 1st season a day before.


TC2C 2013.svg
Designer:  In-house team
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Helvetica (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

This logo keeps the sky blue main color. It was launched a 3D channel on that same day and finally closed, no longer broadcasting and ceased transmission on May 20, 2019.


TC2C 2015.svg
Designer:  In-house team
Typography:  TYPOGRAPH PRO (logo)
Superclarendon (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

The logo was rebranded on April 5, 2015. However, it was criticized as the worst and plain simple logo rebranding ever as some of the idents didn't get any creativity.


2016 (United States), 2016-2018 (International)

TC2C 2016.svg
Designer:  In-house team
Typography:  TYPOGRAPH PRO (logo)
Niveau Grotesk (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

It was rebranded on January 8, 2016. However, in the United States, this logo was short-lived - it was used for about 5 months of using this logo. Until in August was revamped their colors in their logo. In the international channels, this logo rebranding continues to use for 2 years before rebranding into a new name.

2016-2018 (United States)

TC2C USA 2016.svg
Designer:  Red Bee Media
Typography:  TYPOGRAPH PRO (logo)
Brandon Grotesque (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

Same as the last logo rebranding, but there are minor changes. The logo is now dark green and the square is now light green. This logo is introduced on August 17, 2016, and it's only used on broadcasting in the United States. While in the other international channels still uses the last rebranding at the top. The graphics was designed by Red Bee Media.

In December 15, 2017, TheCuben2006 Channel adopted the Cubes idents, which was used by BBC Choice earlier back in 2002. This ident package is short-lived, as this channel rebranded one month earlier.

CubenRocks Channel


CubenRocks Channel.svg
Designer:  The Graphics Design
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Avenir (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

This logo was introduced on January 15, 2018, as the name is rebranded as CubenRocks Channel, before Spike was renamed to Paramount Network. The dominant color of the logo is now blue again, after using the dark and light green colors from the last logo rebranding. New drama, animated and comedy programmings were aired on September 2018.

This logo is made by The Graphics Design, who also made a batch of idents back at the start of January 2009. The cube era since 2016 was retired.

United World Network (UWN)


UWN 2020.svg
Designer:  DixonBaxi
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Aaux Pro (on-air)
Launched:  Unknown

On December 1st, 2019, United World Media took control of CubenRocks Channel, its television station affiliates, its companion/premium channels, and other assets from UWN. United World Media announced that their channel CubenRocks Channel would be rebranded as UWN on February 1st. On February 1st, 2020 at exactly 3:00 am, CubenRocks Channel was completely rebranded as UWN, officially retiring the older brands CubenRocks and TheCuben2006 branding in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the whole world after 68 years. The rebrand to UWN affected this channel, its other suite of networks and their affiliates, and CubenRocks Channel Online. The new ident graphic packaging was designed and created by London-based DixonBaxi. Their new slogan for this channel is "Be The One.", which was named after Dua Lipa's song in 2015. It also known for debuting "Four Colors" ident packaging. There is a logo variant that revives the famous "The Face In Logo" from the 1960, making the grand revival mixture of the old logo with the new logo.

After the rebrand, UWN began to be carried on two real-life stations: MyNetworkTV affiliate WZBJ in Roanoke and CBS affiliate KKTV on the respective stations' fourth digital subchannel, marking an entry for UWN into the Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA and Colorado Springs-Pueblo, CO markets.

Berfield/Willis Broadcast Corporation announced alongside UWN Affiliations that UWN Affiliations will be dissolved on December 31st, 2020. As a result, UWN ran special ads on the affiliation change from UWN to YesNet (a network owned by Berfield/Willis) on selected flagship affiliates (ex. WUWD in Detroit, WUWC in Chicago, and KUWU in Salt Lake City). This plan was scrapped ultimately as YesNet already had affiliates in the top 210 markets. Berfield/Willis announced on June 21st, 2021 that UWN will continue to run on all affiliates until Rewind TV begins operations on September 1st, 2021. UWN Radio stations ran a message on the previous switch:

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