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1947 (pre-launch prototype logo) 1947-1952 1952-1958 1958-1960 1960-1976 1976-1980
1947 (pre-launch prototype logo) 1947-1952 1952-1958 1958-1960 1960-1976 1976-1980
1980-1986 1986-1991 1991-2000 2000-2007 2007-2009 2009-2013
1980-1986 1986-1991 1991-2000 2000-2007 2007-2009 2009-2013
2013-2015 2015-2016 2016-2018 2018-2020 2020-present
2013-2015 2015-2016 2016-2018 2018-2020 2020-present

TheCuben2006 Channel

1947 (pre-launch prototype logo)

TheCuben2006 Channel Protoype Logo.png

This is a prototype logo. But the team rejected this logo as it looks a little bland and dull.



This is the first logo in the CubenRocks and started up as a new Radio Network around the world.



This is a stolen logo from Rede Record, but the rainbows are black and white. 1956, They started up as a television network.



This logo mascot has named Culture. But is the logo looks like the current Roblox logo from 2017, that game doesn't exist until 2005.


EOne 2016 Parody TheCuben2006 Cahnnel.png

This is a stolen logo of the Entertainment One logo since 2015. The new main color is hot pink.


TheCuben2006 Years Channel.png

  This logo is introduced on January 21, 1976. Starting in 1979, this channel became a cable channel all around the world except for some certain countries like Turkistan, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Laos, Cameroon, Martinique, etc.


TheCuben2006 Channel Logo Old.png

This is a stolen logo, symbol, and concept of a 2016 April Fools Virgin America. This logo was founded on November 4, 1980.


Zootopia Parody Logo.png

This logo debuted on March 8, 1986. But is the rip-off logo concept of the Zootopia.


TheCuben2006 1991.jpg

This logo is introduced on March 7, 1991, and the new central color is Red. The 1995 ident packages were made by GRFX/Novocom.


TheCuben2006 Channeeee.png

This logo is introduced on January 2, 2000, before the New Year's Day, New Millennium, and the Celebration of 2000. This channel was launched an HD channel on the same day.

2004 (unused prototype)

TheCuben2006 Channel Unused Logo.png

This logo is actually the same logo as defunct, shut down, closed, formerdissolved and ceased transmission Brazilian television channel "Rede Tupi". On March 26, 2004, they are planning to have a new look, but this logo is rejected, refused, withdrawn, unused, and never aired from using the whole logo or symbol from Rede Tupi.



This rebrand was introduced on November 2, 2007.


TheCuben2006 Chann.png

It was introduced on January 1, 2009, this logo and the batch of idents are made by The Graphics Design who also made a set in 2018 later. On January 2, 2010, One object show called Battle for Dream Island (now as Battle for BFDI) was launched as the first-ever animated object show cartoon.


TheCuben2006 Channel Ruby Logo.png

This logo keeps the sky blue main color. It was launched a 3D channel on that same day and finally closed, no longer broadcasting and ceased transmission on May 20, 2019.


TheCuben2006 Channel New Logo.png


2016 (United States), 2016-2018 (International)

TheCuben2006 Channel Sqaure Logo.jpg

This logo is based on Nine Network Australia 2006-2007, but this Channel Nine is replaced by this logo.


TheCuben2006 Channel Sqaure Logo3.jpg

Same as the last logo, but the text is dark green and the square is light green, this logo is introduced on August 17, 2016.

CubenRocks Channel


CubenRocks Channel logo.png

This logo was introduced on January 15, 2018. Before Spike was renamed to Paramount Network. The dominant color of the logo is now Blue, after the dark and light green colors. This logo is made by The Graphics Design, who also made a batch of idents back at the start of January 2009. The cube era since 2016 was retired.



UWN logo rebrand (2020).png

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