Here are the bloopers of UHF for Music Video Bloopers on RKO Music.

  • The lines on the clor bars were rectangle boxes. Homer Simpson says "CUT!"
  • The electric lights on George's brain were pink, not blue. Marge Simpson says "CUT!"
  • The window crashes scene in UHF were in B&W. Bart Simpson say "CUT! The window crashes scene in UHF were in color. Not black and white".
  • The clown scene on UHF were in pink tint. Lisa Simpson say "CUT!"
  • The Gandhi II music is played during a TV changes to Gandhi II. Fred Flintstone says "CUT! The UHF music appeared during Gandhi II scene".
  • The scene during Spartula City had sounds. Yogi Bear says "CUT! There are no sounds in the Spartula City scene".
  • At the end, the TV is not exploded. Wilma Flintstone says "CUT! It crashed".