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In 2007, when Turner Crenisa wants to beat Jirumi TV, Turner Crenisa to launch Pogo Crenisa.

It was known to air Japanese children anime (including Anpanman), Indian cartoons and kids shows (aired on Pogo India) (including Chotta Bheem) and several shows (that airs on Cartoon Network Crenisa, Boomerang Crenisa and later, Cartoonito Crenisa) dubbed in Hindi.


Pogo 2017.png

on January 1, 2022, to prepare for TCM relaunch, Pogo Crenisa dropped all of children's program to make way for classic movies, all of the children's programs were moved to Cartoon Network, Cartoonito or Tooncast, therefore the audio truck will likely change from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Crenisan to just English (at same day, Cartoon Network Crenisa, Cartoonito Crenisa and Tooncast Crenisa will add Hindi, Tamil and Telugu audio track).

according to 30 day EPG, Pogo Crenisa's last program before reformat will be "Grizzy & the Lemmings", which will air at 5:30am on January 1, 2022, however the first movie to air after reformat will be "Jailhouse Rock".

2022 (scrapped)

In 2022, WarnerMedia planned to launch new logo of Pogo Crenisa, drifting away from Indian logo, new logo is yet to reveal.

on December 8, 2021, WarnerMedia Crenisa announced that Pogo Crenisa 2022 logo will be revealed on December 15, 2021.

however on December 9, the reveal of new logo of Pogo was scrapped to make way to move all of Indian cartoons from Pogo to Tooncast and rebrand of Pogo Crenisa to Turner Classic Movies Crenisa.

on December 15, 2021, Pogo Crenisa's scrapped logo design would be used on new channel in Crenisa that would launch in late 2022.

Turner Classic Movies

February 1, 2022-Present


on December 9, 2021, WarnerMedia Crenisa announced to relaunch TCM (which has been replaced with G4 on January 1, 2022), with classic movies format (which has been used from 2001-2016) (due to G4 Crenisa airs all of TCM's geek and gaming programing), it was scheduled to relaunch on February 1, 2022 and will replace Pogo Crenisa, however all Pogo Crenisa programs would move to either Cartoon Network, Tooncast or Cartoonito.