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1976β€’1989 (pre-launch)[]


In July 1976, there was an idea for an international television channel that would keep the same schedule in all locations. However, at the time, the cost of implementing transmissions in different areas was too great for the project to move forward any further than the planning stage and it could only operate in English speaking countries. It was not until 1981 when the project was able to start actively developing internationally linked transmitters. This logo remained during the development phase throughout the 1980s.


Troika intercolonial

The 'Troika' name was then conceived in 1985, although the project was marketed as 'Troika Intercolonial Television'.



Troika was first seen when the first channel (then known as Troika TV) was launched on October 6, 1989, with the tagline 'Transforming Television'. The channel was initially only available from 18:00 to 08:00, although in 1990 it stopped broadcasting through the night due to a poor potential of viewing figures. After 1990, it was available from 06:00 until midnight.


TV was dropped from the logo on August 1, 1991. It was to mark the forthcoming launch of a second channel, Troika Plus.


In 1995, the channel was renamed 'Troika1'.



On May 1, 2003, the entire Troika network was rebranded. As a result, Troika1 was given a new look. It took aspects from the original 1985 "Intercolonial Television" idea but modified them to be more "up to the standards" of the current decade. The flagship colours motif from 1995 were kept, but carried over to the new logo.