The Troika network was founded in January 1988 by Troika plc. It launched 4 channels as part of an analogue pack, and eventually moved to cable. This logo was designed by Buzzfoundry, and was given acclaim eventually, because of the number of channels using this logo during the 6 years of use.


In 1994, the logo was given a slight refresh in some places. All channels were given the new look after it was announced in late 1993. Buzzfoundry gave the channel idents a more "modern" setting.



Troika changed its logo again in 1999, this time adjusting it to the setting of the satbox. The Satbox was launched later that year, and quickly started to include channels which signed up for the subscription. The logo was designed by Buzzfoundry.

"We only needed to do one thing. It was the one thing that would be the life and survivability of the entire company. We only needed to do one simple change, one simple design, and one simple idea. It was right in front of us. We only needed to make the entire logo simple, but despite being simple, we needed to give it a character that would help it to survive through the changing times that would lie ahead of us. We made 2 changes to Troika before, and we needed to do one thing that would support the entire network. This is what we did. This is the symbol of Troika's legacy."