Toonami is the Japanese TV anime channel that launched in 2002 as Cartoon Network's programming block, but closed in 2008.

But in October 2020, Toonami returns as a STAR TV Japan's 24 hour action, horror, thriller, supernatural, and superpowered character featured anime channel.

In October 2021, Toonami rebranded with Mazda's Zoom-Zoom element. The Teaser Promo airs on July 2021, with Mazda 2000 Zoom-Zoom song by Spank.

After Toonami 2021 rebrand, Mazda 2005 Zoom-Zoom song was used as the BGM for promo ads .

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2002-2008 (As a Programming Block on Cartoon Network Japan)

Toonami logo

2020-present (Relaunch as a Anime TV Channel from STAR Japanese Network)

Toonami print-1

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