This Hour Has America's 22 Minutes (commonly shortened to 22 Minutes since 2009) is an American version of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, produced by DHX Media (formerly Salter Street Films and Halifax Film), Alliance Atlantis (2004-2005), the Canadian Broadcasting CorporationRediffusion Television, ITV Studios America (formerly Granada Entertainment and Granada America) and RKO Television Studios (formerly RKO Television Entertainment) and airs on the RKO Network since October 27, 1996. The first six seasons aired on Sunday 8:00PM competing with The Simpsons on Fox, the number one show at a time. The remaining seasons airs on Fridays at 11:00PM. The show is loosely considered an American version of the Canadian comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes. It is taped before a live audience at Chelsea Studios in New York City.

On January 16, 2020, Robert L. Hines (one of the cast members) announced that the show was "winding down production", with Mary Walsh confirming the statement on January 17 saying "I believe America has had enough 22 Minutes for now", followed by RKO's official statement on January 18 that the final season will be titled "The Farewell Season... Maybe"


This Hour Has America's 22 Minutes Logo 1996


This Hour Has America's 22 Minutes Logo 2009

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