WMXA Broadcast Center

WMXA Studios


KIVO Memphis Studios


KDLD-TV Studios


KDLD-TV Studios were located in Pine Bluff and Little Rock, Arkansas.

KIVO Sherwood Studios


KEFL Broadcasting Corporation


KEFL Broadcasting Corporation was established as a fully-funded non-profit educational origination in Benton, Arkansas in 1945.


KWSB-TV Studios



KIVO Jacksonville Studios


Polar Night Benton Studios


In February 2017, WMXA, KDLD-TV, WVHS-TV, KWSB-TV, KEFL and KIVO announced to merge/move studios into a new broadcasting and media center in Benton, Arkansas called Polar Night Benton Studios. That month, they announced to start airing KIVO in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, North & South Carolina and Georgia.

On March 7th, 2017, 8:17 AM, Polar Night Benton Studios' staff has done routine operations as usual and they got ready to film the morning news programme Sunshine's first episode, when the studios became the target of several bombings. Studios D5 and C4 have been completely demolished and all of the staff have been held hostage. An estimated 470 out of 575 in staff and management team have been killed, while 8 have been injured and hospitalized. The preperators, while identities are still unknown, have said to be part of a terrorist group ISIS. This attack has been said to be the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil, after the Orlando shootings in 2016. Polar Night Inc planned on closing the Benton studios, KIVO Network and its affiliated stations, while moving 103 (out of 105) staff into Topitoomay Television headquarters, who will soon take responsibility of the MyTV family and Yesnet

On March 8th, 2017, Polar Night Inc sold most of its television stations to KB Broadcasting, an independent broadcasting company owned by Kaylor Blakley.

KB Broadcasting Multiplex

March 8th, 2017-2019

On March 8th, 2017, Polar Night Benton Studios has renamed as the KB Broadcasting Multiplex. Mini MyTV, MyTV Music & Family, and MyTV 2 remained with Polar Night Inc, while the multiplex was sold to KB Broadcasting. KIVO-TV and WMXA-TV moved back to their old offices, and still are owned by PNI to this day. That day, KB Broadcasting began hiring new staff to accompany the 2 old employees. 

The Square Studios Arkansas


The Square Studios Arkansas

On 2019, With the launch of Hyper's new sister network, The Square, and using former-KB Broadcasting Complex and their employees, the studio name was renamed as The Square Studios Arkansas.

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