The Powerpuff Girls: Rosie Style is 2017 Pearler Danama adaption show based on 2016 reboot and 2007 Japanese Anime adaption (Powerpuff Girls Z) made by XNT Enterprises and Hanna Barbera (no, not the SLN! version). It will air on XNT 5. It will include PPGZ version and PPG version (Click on Hanna Babrera Rosie Inc version for more information.)


  • The show will take place in RKO/Scratch
  • Due to reboot, memes are removed.
  • The narrator voice will be Microsoft Sam from Speakonia.
  • FXP and FX Network will sponsor permanently the show. The variant of FX Network is sound accompleast by Windows Titan Shutdown sound.
  • The hearts ending will reappear, but the music of end will be RowdyRuffs one.
  • Although Rosie Animations and Rosie Television didn't produce the show, their logos and names will appear due to XNT Enterprises being ownes by them
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