The Nickelodeon Rewind Show was a created-for-syndication three-hour television programming block which aired from 2006, until 2009. At that time, Nickelodeon decided to retire the name and continued to run a 90-minute syndicated block until 2010. The Nickelodeon Rewind Show was produced by Nickelodeon, with distribution through their syndication subsidiary, Debmar-Mercury. Before and after its cancellation, the shows in the block were rerun both on Nickelodeon and on TeenNick. Starting on 2007, five of the shows (Clarissa Explains It All, Weinerville, KaBlam!, The Adventures of Pete & Pete and Salute Your Shorts) were rerun on Nickelodeon as a three-hour programming block called "Nick Classics" which aired on weekdays in the late-afternoon/early-evening.