The Kaylor Life is an American animated/puppetry series created by Kaylor Blakley and airs on both KCER Kids Channel and CER2 HD. The show first aired on November 24, 2009 on KCER-TV as a animated series aired only on Sunday mornings. The show is inspired by Kaylor's childhood and features the puppet characters from CER2 Junior's Kaylor's Time Machine and Kaylor's Room. It also offers a animated child-aged Kaylor Blakley which is 8 years old and rides a skateboard, and the animated versions of Kaylor's mom and Kaylor's dad, along with two additional animated characters: a 6-year old sister named Lucy Blakley and a 12-month old baby named Junior Blakley which sucks on a pacifier; the 2 characters is not a part of the Blakley family and it only be seen in the show.